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Our Technology

Nundah Central Dental offers a variety of dental services to ensure that we can provide the best care possible. Our team uses cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as digital impression/3D X-rays, which allow us to see your mouth in its entirety for any problems before they become major issues!

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Digital Dental Impressions

We proudly offer our patients the option of digital dental impressions as an alternative to traditional impressions.

Traditional impressions could be uncomfortable for some patients especially those with sensitive gag reflexes as it required the patient to have a tray that has been filled with a putty impression material placed into the mouth.

Digital impressions are the future of dental care. They’re more comfortable for patients and easier on dentists, too. With our digital impression technology, you can get an accurate model in just one visit—and that means faster treatment for our patients.

With digital dental impressions, your dentist can create a three-dimensional model of what you’ll look like after treatment. This means faster appointments and better results because they don’t have to rely on traditional materials that may be uncomfortable for some people.

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Our state-of-the-art equipment will help make sure every impression is perfect – so all of our focus is on providing great service to our patients!

Digital impressions can be taken for denturesdental crownsdental bridges, splints, mouth guards, and in some situations for aesthetic cases.

These digital impressions are taken using an intraoral scanner that creates a 3D image of your mouth. The scanner easily can be fit inside of the mouth and take photos.

The scan is taken by moving the scanner around your mouth and within seconds an image of your mouth can be viewed on a computer screen by your dentist.

The accuracy of digital impressions is in most situations equivalent to the accuracy of traditional impressions and in some cases, it is argued are even more accurate.

Digital impressions can then be sent to the required lab through email, cutting down on the time that impressions spend in transit.

Need an Appointment?

If you have any questions about our digital dental impression feel free to call the Nundah Central Dental team at (07) 3130 4472 and talk to our team.

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