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Dental Veneers In Nundah

Looking to improve your smile’s colour and/or shape? Then dental veneers could be the ideal solution for you. Veneers can help you restore your smile or give you a whole new one by fixing all those unwanted issues such as discoloring, chipped, or worn teeth.

What Are Dental Veneer?

A dental veneer is a slim covering fixed over the front visible area of a tooth. Veneers can be made via two different methods, either in-direct or direct veneers. In-direct veneers are what you may commonly see. They are a dental veneer generally made from porcelain material which has been made in a lab specifically for your teeth, which are bonded to each individual tooth.

Direct Veneers are veneers done with a composite material which is done in the clinic in one sitting, meaning no wait time, however less colour options are less strength.

Fixing one of these coverings to the tooth can help with multiple dental issues, and can help better your smile quickly. Dental Veneers are a safe option recommended by dentists, especially for those of life’s important events that you want to be able to smile your best.

When May Someone Require A Veneer?

Dental veneers could be required in many different circumstances to help adjust or fix your smile. Veneers can be great if you have chipped or worn teeth, stubborn staining, uneven spaces or small gaps in between the teeth, or even some crooked teeth. 

When May Someone Require A Veneer

What Happens During A Dental Veneer Procedure?

Generally, a dental veneer procedure is pretty simple and very easy for patients. Your dentist will start by discussing what shape, method, and colour you are looking for (if not already done in consultation prior), making sure that you are happy with the outcome discussed. 

Once happy to proceed, your dentist will start with the slight preparation of the tooth using a small tool for the in-direct veneers.

After the preparation is complete, the dentist will take either a traditional mold impression or scan of your teeth, which is then sent directly to a lab for fabrication. 

Once the veneers have been made specifically for you and have been received by your dentist, you will need to come back for your scheduled appointment for a fitting.

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Prior to the final fitting, your dentist will make evaluate the veneers and make sure you are completely happy with them prior to cementation. After everything is okay go ahead, your dentist with clean your teeth to remove any bacteria or plaque from your teeth, to prevent any possible decay.

The veneers are then cemented onto each individual tooth to bind them, an ultraviolet light is used during this to harden and set the cement quicker. 

For direct veneers, the procedure is completed in one day, whilst a composite material is bonded to your tooth, this procedure is much like getting fillings done on each of your front teeth.

Now you are all done and ready to get smiling again! Your dentist will go over any care and oral hygiene instructions with you so you know how to properly care for your new smile.

What Benefits Do Dental Veneers Have?

There are a few appealing benefits you will find with your dental veneers such as:
    • Veneers are resistant to stains
    • A quick fix to improve your smile or get that “Hollywood” look
    • You can choose which shade/colour for them, meaning you can have them appear as white as you wish (meaning no need for whitening)
    • They don’t require as much grinding/preparation as full coverage crowns do
    • There are no side effects

What Should I Expect After My Veneer Procedure?

After your in-direct dental veneers have been completed, you can go on smiling as usual. However, there are a few things you should try to avoid in order to keep them at their best condition. Your dentist will ask you to avoid:

  • Chewing with your front teeth
  • Clenching/Grinding your teeth
  • Opening products or using your teeth for any objects
  • Chewing any hard foods not advised by your dentist

If you are a sports player, a mouthguard will be required to play so that you can protect your new teeth.

What Alternatives To Veneers Are There?

If Dental Veneers don’t sound like the ideal option for you, then there may be some other alternatives for the solution you are after. 

To help get rid of those stains, discolouration or wanting to just create a brighter/whiter smile then teeth whitening could be the option for you, this eliminates the requirement for preparation of the teeth. 

For options to help fix crookedness, small spaces or gaps then Invisalign or Clear Correct aligners might be your best option, this will help correct these issues and give you a nice straight smile.

Want to discuss your options to help improve your smile? Call our team at Nundah Central Dental today at (07) 3130 4472 to book a consultation. One of our expert dentists can help you find the right solution to your needs and budget. 

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