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Dental Implants In Nundah

Dental implants are titanium post (screw) that replaces a lost tooth’s root with a dental crown attached acting as a usual tooth and giving the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

When would I Require a Dental Implant

When would I Require a Dental Implant?

If you have lost a tooth or more and cannot or don’t want to receive dentures or a dental bridge then a dental implant is the best option for you. It is important to replace missing teeth, as it can lead to other dental issues in the future.

Dental implants can offer many advantages cosmetically and for your essential oral functionality. Just a single dental implant can provide a much healthier bite and help correctly position each tooth in the mouth so that you can maintain a healthy jaw and avoid degeneration of the jaw bone.

The jawbone can start to degenerate when any teeth are removed and not replaced. This is due to the force and stimulation of your teeth chewing.

Cosmetically they can be essential too, as if you have lost a tooth within your smile line, you may feel self-conscious about the gap. This can be replaced to look as close to your natural tooth with a dental implant in place.

What Is The Procedure Of A Dental Implant

What Is The Procedure Of A Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatment can be performed at Nundah Central Dental. The implant is placed surgically to act as a normal tooth root. This implant root, on the other hand, also helps your dentist secure your new tooth, so they sit securely and fit in with the natural smile.

For the dental implant procedure, multiple appointments with your dentist are necessary, this includes; a diagnosis consultation, an implant screw insertion appointment, second stage attachment of a healing abutment, to create a mold around the implant in the gums, impressions of the implant, and mouth for crown fabrication and finally a crown insertion and adjustment.

There can be extra appointments needed such as reviews or other impressions necessary, all visits needed for your case will be discussed at your initial appointment.

The Cons Of A Dental Implant

Along with any procedure, dental implants can also have their cons, it is good to note what they are just in case. Some of these can include:

  • Long process: Dental implants can take much longer than other procedures as you will have to wait until the dental implants fuse into the bone (taking roughly up to 3 – 4 months). Hence the process taking longer and involving several visits, this may not be a great option for a patient who wants urgent treatment. The healing time will however be discussed by your dentist as this can vary.
  • Infections: A dental implant is the same as other dental treatments such as a denture or bridge they need regular oral hygiene habits to lessen the risk of infection. If the dental implant isn’t kept clean of properly it can lead to an infection in the gum which you would then need urgent treatment.
  • Additional procedures: Extra treatments could be necessary for a dental implant, in some occasional cases. If you don’t possess enough jawbone to hold the implant, a bone graft may be needed or if the sinuses are too close to your bone a sinus lift may be required. Each of these creates extra treatments and time needed.
  • Higher Price: Prices of dental implants compared to dentures or bridges are higher. However, they last longer with much better durability, making them worth the price.
  • Minor Surgery: A dental implant requires a small surgery and healing after, this is something not required for other replacement options.

The Pros Of A Dental Implant

Dental implants offer many advantages for patients who need to restore any missing teeth. Some of which can include:

  • Appearance: A dental implant can be a great option if you wish to create a nice natural or even Hollywood look smile. No one would even know they aren’t real teeth as the dental implants appear and feel like usual teeth.
  • Healthy bone: When you place the implant, this replaces a normal tooth root, which your body generally treats as a usual tooth, making your chances of bone degeneration considerably less, saving your jaw bone.
  • Strength: Dental implants are placed and integrated into your bone, and therefore are very secure within your jaw. Implants are a long-term placement and can be anticipated to have the same life span as your ordinary teeth provided you take proper care of them.
  • Function: Dental implants help improve your mouth functionality acting as an ordinary tooth, meaning you can get back to eating and chewing your favorite food as normal.

What Other Alternatives To Dental Implants Are There?

What Other Alternatives To Dental Implants Are There

It is commonly believed that dental implants are a much better alternative when it comes to replacing lost teeth due to the resemblance of natural teeth in function and appearance.

However, for some people, a dental implant might not be right for them or even an option. Therefore, it is good to be conscious of all your options for replacement.

The following are some other options to replace missing teeth:

  • Dental Bridges
  • Full mouth denture
  • Patrial mouth dentures

How To Care For Your Dental Implant

Dental implants are quite similar to your natural teeth in terms of everyday oral hygiene. It is important to brush and floss your implant twice a day to keep it nice and clean and clear of plaque buildup.
Cleaning it after eating is particularly essential as you do not want to leave food to build bacteria around your implant. You can do so by carefully brushing the implant and/or using interdental brushes in between the implant and your teeth.

Need A Dental Implant Consultation!

Here at Nundah Central Dental, we provide dental implant consultation to our patients, in consultation, our dentist will examine your gums and teeth to diagnose.
All your questions and concerns will be answered clearly and all possibilities discussed, then you will receive a customized treatment plan with all details including price. There is no obligation and no pressure to proceed.
If you need to schedule an appointment simply call us at (07) 3130 4472 or click Book Appointment below.
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