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Dental Emergency In Nundah QLD

Teeth are an essential part of the body as they place an important role and gateway to the body. Making sure you are taking care of your teeth is important in minimizing dental issues and diseases and ensuring you are maintaining a healthy smile. 

However, even with taking good care of your oral hygiene, there may still be times in your life that you may be faced with a dental emergency or toothache that will require immediate treatment. Contacting our dentist straight away is extremely important so that you can have your issue resolved before it becomes worse or you end up in any pain (or more).

Dental Emergency In Nundah QLD
What Is An Emergency Dentistry

What Is An Emergency Dentistry?

You should first understand what emergency dentistry entails to differentiate urgent from non-urgent dental situations that require treatment.

Most dentists give this special emergency service to handle all kinds of dental emergencies that may come about when you least expect them.

Usually, you visit our dentist for regular scheduled appointments or checkups, however, there may be several instances where you may be required to visit our dentist outside of these usual visits, which is generally caused by an unexpected tooth issue, like one of the following –

Situations Of Not Urgent Dental Emergencies You May Encounter

Situations Of Dental Emergencies You May Encounter

  • Trauma to the mouth causes a dislocation 
  • Loose or knocked out tooth due to trauma
  • Severe toothaches (caused by infection or tooth decay)
  • Wisdom teeth pain
  • Suture removal (from previous dental surgery)
  • Dry socket (a side effect some experience after tooth extraction)
  • Ulcers or perforations in the mouth or gums due to orthodontic wires or dentures
  • Pericoronitis (swelling or inflammation of an area of the gums)
  • Bacterial abscess/infection 

Why Is It Important To See An Emergency Dentist?

It is crucial to attend a dental emergency on time for many reasons. The first is that there may be instances when a tooth can be saved more easily if it is treated sooner than later.

A further reason to attend an emergency on time is to prevent infection or treat an existing infection before it worsens. It’s important to understand that if you fail to attend a dental emergency, serious consequences can result.

How We Handle Dental Emergencies

In the event of a dental emergency, we will perform an immediate assessment of the severity of your condition before determining the appropriate treatment. Regardless of the dental emergency you face, our professionals will make sure the pain is relieved as swiftly as possible and prepare you for your treatment.

In order to restore the condition of your teeth, our dentists will proceed to administer the correct treatments and schedule regular appointments until you recover completely.

Do not hesitate to call us at Nundah Central Dental for your next dental emergency. For Dental Emergency Call (07) 3130 4472

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