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What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a permanent restorative device which is used to replace any missing teeth by bridging space between two adjacent teeth. A dental bridge is created from multiple materials but the most typical material used is porcelain, as our dentists prefer to replace teeth with a material that will resembles a real tooth as close as possible. A dental bridge can be made with up to two crowns which will attach to the supporting teeth, and there are a few different types that can be made with these, the four most popular types of are a standard, implant-supported, cantilever or a maryland bridge.
Why Would I Need A Dental Bridge

Why Would I Need A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can give a unique solution to one or two missing teeth. Bridges can be very useful if a patient has lost a tooth due to trauma, breakage, gum disease or extensive decay. If a patient also suffers from a congenital condition that may lead a patient to not developing some teeth at all then that may also be another recommended treatment.

The only requirement prior to having a dental bridge is to have healthy teeth on each side of the gap created by missing teeth, these teeth will act as the crowns to support the bridge. Although if there is a large gap, it can be replaced through implant-supported bridges which will bridge this gap.


Having one or more missing teeth may not seem like anything of significance but it can lead to other serious issues in the future. When there are gaps between the teeth, the teeth beside can start to move into it.

Teeth from either the upper or lower jaw drop into the space or the teeth beside the missing teeth may start to fill the area leading to biting or chewing issues or pain with the teeth and jaw.


What Is The Procedure Of Getting A Dental Bridge?

Having a dental bridge done may require multiple visits to your dentist. The dentist will start by injecting a local anaesthesia into the gum tissue next to the teeth to be crowned as they examine your teeth.

The supporting teeth are prepared to ensure they will fit the crowns on them for the bridge. A proper fitting crown will give better grip to secure onto the tooth.

Once the supporting teeth are prepared by the dentist, they will take some impressions of your teeth and send them away to a lab for the making. A temporary dental bridge will then be created and cemented on, as you await for your final dental bridge to arrive back and be installed permanently. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dental Bridges?


  • Placing crowns on the supporting teeth can compromise a healthy tooth, meaning a perfectly healthy tooth may need to be adjusted down to fit the crown
  • A dental bridge won’t correct any jaw bone loss from the missing tooth
  • A dental bridge might not last as long as a dental implant would, therefore it may require replacing after some time, if necessary, which incurs more potential costs.


  • A bridge can be less costly to have done then dental implants
  • There will be no bone grafting needed
  • The procedure for a bridge is much faster than having a dental implant
  • There is no need for any dental surgery

How Do I Take Care Of My Dental Bridge?

When wanting to clean a dental bridge, regular floss can be relatively hard to use as it cannot pass through between the supporting tooth and the fake one. Therefore, the best products for cleaning between and underneath the middle of the bridge is either interdental brushes, a water flosser or super floss.


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